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It is companies that generate jobs and income. They need a business-friendly environment.

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Statement was made by the Special Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Carlos Da Costa, during program launch in Salvador

Last Thursday (4), the Special Secretary of Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness (Sepec), Carlos Da Costa presented the agenda of Mobilization for Employment and Productivity in Salvador (BA), meeting with authorities of the municipal and state legislature , as well as state entrepreneurs.

Bahia is the fourth state to receive Mobiliza Brasil, and the first in the northeast region, which aims to map the barriers that hinder the development of the local economy and to provide solutions for competitiveness.

At the launch of the Program, Da Costa stressed that today, the government and Sebrae are coming together through Productivity and integration to help companies grow and develop. He highlighted the alignment of discourse in several areas, one of them is with tax reform.

Within this line, he highlighted four important points to be addressed: simplification; reduction of tax on production and employment; base expansion with aliquot reduction; and mechanisms that curb tax increases and reduce the tax burden. "We have a healthy debate, that qualifies democracy. And our mission is to align the dialogue with states and municipalities. National Mobilization for Brazil's productivity wants to work according to the particular characteristics of each region and create a business environment" better for micro and small business owners in the country, "he explained.

"It is companies that generate jobs and income. They need a favorable business environment," said the secretary presenting Brazil 4.0; Employs More; Pro-markets; and Simplifica - a set of measures to increase business productivity and investment.

After launching, Da Costa met with state mayors and said the intention of the new government is “less Brasilia, more Brazil”. "Execution has to be in the states, generating more jobs and income," he said.

During his trip to Salvador, Da Costa, accompanied by Undersecretary of Micro and Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts (Sempe), José Ricardo Veiga, and Sebrae's president, Carlos Melles, met at Senai Cimatec, the laboratory facilities and technology centers, where the second most powerful supercomputer in Latin America (Cimatec Yemoja, at the Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation) is installed, as well as the Brazilian Institute of Robotics.

They had technical meetings at Bomix Industrial Park, the largest in Latin America in the manufacture of plastic buckets, and at the Pracatum Association, in the Candeal neighborhood, in Salvador (BA).

The Pracatum, led by singer Carlinhos Brown, conducts educational, cultural and community development programs in Bairro do Candeal. Da Costa stressed the importance of this movement focused on the creative economy, enhancing the “New Brazilian Handicraft”, as a generator of jobs and income.

Already on Friday (05), in Camaçari (BA), the secretary made some technical visits to the companies Dow (international corporation of chemicals, plastics and agricultural) and Carbonor (national chemical industry, leader in the production of sodium bicarbonate).

All calendar photos can be accessed on Flickr from the Ministry of Economy.