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Trade balance has surplus of US $ 1.352 billion in the fourth week of May


In the accumulated of the year, positive balance reaches US $ 21.576 billion

With exports of US $ 4,989 billion and imports of US $ 3.637 billion, in the fourth week of May 2019, the Brazilian trade balance had a surplus of US $ 1.352 billion. In the month, the positive balance is US $ 5.192 billion, resulting from exports of US $ 11.929 billion and imports of US $ 8.219 billion. In the year to date, Brazilian foreign sales totaled US $ 89.196 billion and purchases abroad totaled US $ 67.620 billion, with a surplus of US $ 21.576 billion.

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Review of the week

The fourth-week export average (US $ 997.8 million) was 0.7% below the average recorded up to the third week (US $ 1.005 billion), due to the drop in exports of basic products (-9.1% , mainly due to crude oil, salted meats, soybeans, beef, pork and chicken, iron ore). On the other hand, sales of semimanufactured products increased (+ 19.0% due to iron or steel semimanufactured products, crude soybean oil, semimanufactured gold, copper cathodes, raw cane sugar, ferro-alloys ) and manufactured products (+ 4.9% on airplanes, aviation engines and turbines, iron or steel hoses, frozen orange juice, flat iron or steel rolled).

In imports, also by the daily average, there was growth of 6.2%, over the same comparison period - average of the fourth week, from US $ 727.4 million over the average until the third week, which was US $ 684.9 million . The increase in external purchases in the period can be attributed, mainly, to the increase in expenses with fuels and lubricants, electrical and electronic equipment, aircraft and parts, fertilizers and fertilizers, mechanical equipment.

Monthly Review

In exports, compared to the averages up to the fourth week of May 2019 (US $ 1.003 billion) with the daily average recorded in May 2018 (US $ 920.6 million), there was an increase of 8.9% due to the increase in sales of manufactured products (+ 35.2% on account of airplanes, fuel oils, gasoline, engine parts and aviation turbines, earthmoving machinery, flat iron or steel) and semi-manufactured products (+ 20.1% , for semi-finished products of iron or steel, ferro-alloys, crude soya-bean oil, semimanufactured gold, cast iron).

On the other hand, sales of basic products fell (-1.9%, mainly soybeans, soybean meal, live cattle, copper ore, rice grain). In relation to the daily average of April 2019, there was a growth of 6.9%, due to the increase in sales of the three product categories: semimanufactured (+ 12.5%), basic (+ 6%) and manufactured goods (+6 ,1%).

In imports, the daily average up to the fourth week of May this year (US $ 697.4 million) was 10.4% above the average of May last year (US $ 631.5 million). In this comparison, expenditures increased mainly with fertilizers (+ 38.4%), fuels and lubricants (+ 23.7%), electrical and electronic equipment (+ 15.6%), organic and inorganic chemicals (+13, 8%) and mechanical equipment (+ 12.2%). Over April 2019, there was an increase of 7.5%, due to increases in fertilizers (+ 44.2%), pharmaceuticals (+ 19.4%), fuels and lubricants (+ 15.4%), organic chemicals and inorganic (+ 10.4%) and electrical and electronic equipment (+ 7%).