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Certificates of Digital Origin begin to be valid in trade between Brazil and Argentina

With the use of COD, there will be a reduction of up to 30% in processing costs and a shorter deadline for issuing certificates of origin

Brasília (May 15) - Bilateral trade between Brazil and Argentina could use the Digital Origin Certificates (CODs), with the potential to benefit a commercial flow of US $ 22 billion. The rules for issuing CODs are available in Secex Ordinance No. 18, dated May 11, 2017, published in the Official Gazette of last Friday (12).

The ordinance establishes the conditions for Brazilian certification bodies of origin to issue COD in the preferential trade with Argentina, within the scope of Economic Complementation Agreements No. 14 and No. 18. With this, all procedures for the effective use of digital certification By Brazilian economic operators in their operations with Argentina.

The estimate is that, with the use of COD, there will be a reduction of up to 30% in processing costs and shortening the period for issuing certificates of origin to about 30 minutes. On paper, this operation takes an average of 24 hours, but can take up to three days.

The list of entities authorized to issue CODs on the preferential exports to Argentina is set forth in Portaria Secex No. 17, dated May 9, 2017. In 2016, they issued approximately 300,000 Certificates of Origin in preferential exports to the neighboring country.

The adoption of COD in bilateral trade does not exclude the possibility that Brazilian importers continue to opt for the paper version of the Certificate of Origin.

Certificates of Digital Origin

The COD project was conceived within the framework of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), which proposes the gradual replacement of the certificate of preferential origin currently issued on paper by an electronic document in XML format (DOC), bringing advantages in terms of Celerity, cost reduction, authenticity and security of information for the processes of certification and validation of the origin of goods traded between member countries.

Further information on the process of enabling and accessing importers to the COD Customs Reception Module, as well as comments related to the Customs Conference on import orders covered by COD, are published in Siscomex-Import News nº 36, dated 04/18 / 2017.

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