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Brazil exported US $ 18.3 billion in October

Brasilia (November 3) - In October, Brazil exported US $ 18.3 billion, with a daily average of US $ 797 million. Compared with the same month last year (US $ 992.2 million), a reduction of 19.7% for the average. Monthly imports were $ 19.5 billion, with an average daily income of $ 848.1 million, 15.4% below the average recorded in October 2013 (US $ 1.002 billion). With these results, bilateral trade reached $ 37.8 billion and was US $ 1.177 billion deficit.

For the year, Brazilian exports totaled US $ 191.97 billion, down 3.7% over the same period of 2013 the daily average. Imports (US $ 193.84 billion) have declined 3.7% in the same comparison and bilateral trade (US $ 385.8 billion) fell 3.7%. In 2014, the balance is negative $ 1.87 billion. The deficit is lower than that recorded between January and October 2013 (-US $ 1.99 billion).

At a news conference to comment on the trade balance, the Secretary of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), Daniel Godinho, maintained the forecast surplus for the year.

"The month of December is usually traditionally surplus. There is an expectation of improvement in petroleum account, especially on the export side. There is an expectation of improvement in relation to the prices of iron ore and therefore the quantities shipped and exported values. Finally, beef exports have also grown in concentrated form at the end of the year and may impact on the whole the result, "said the secretary.

The main countries of export destination, accumulated in 2014 were China (US $ 36.7 billion), United States (US $ 22.4 billion), Argentina (US $ 12.2 billion), the Netherlands (US $ 11.5 billion) and Japan ($ 5.6 billion). Already the main countries of origin of Brazilian imports in the year were: China (US $ 31.5 billion), United States (US $ 29.8 billion), Germany ($ 11.9 billion), Argentina ($ 11, 8 billion) and Nigeria ($ 7.8 billion).