Norte Global Trade

The Company


Norte Global was born in the year 2012 with the ideology of promoting exports in the North of Minas region, of products and items of high consumption in other countries and rich in supply in our territory.

The project was started with the ideology of the partners Josué Edson Leite and Rogerio Velloso. In the same year of 2012 was invited Ana Carolina Leo to compose the team to jointly undertake and start the effective activity of the company. 

The group held courses and participated in seminars focused on foreign trade.

However, due to the large increase in demands related to the area of advocacy that all three members exercise, activities were temporarily suspended in that year.

The partner Josué Edson Leite is a lawyer and businessman in the country in the field of Internet, telephone and fiber optic services (Vox Conexões partner) and founder and partner of the Faculdades Santo Agostinho group, a solidified educational institute in the market. several subsidiaries. Thus, Norte Global relies on this great corporate support given its expertise in the field of business, which has a master's degree in activities of Regulatory Agencies and doctorate in progress.

Partner Rogério Velloso is a civil lawyer with a specialization in International Law and is a member of the lawyers group at Josué's office, which already has 20 years of law practice, with extensive experience in contracts and negotiations, as well as specific knowledge international relations and trade agreements.

Ana Carolina Leo is the Executive Director of the company, a lawyer for 10 years in the market, with emphasis and specialization in the areas of public law and hospital doctor specialized in Electoral and Political Law and in MBA in Business Management at FGV and Customs Brokerage.

A 14-year partnership, Josué and Ana Carolina decide to jointly run an MBA in Business Management and these meetings rekindle the project's incubated project.

Already with experience acquired in other professional relations by the three members over time of this paralyzed project the company Norte Global resumes its activities in 2019 with also qualification of import activity, now with an overall global vision.

Norte Global counts on a multidisciplinary team to execute the activities, through partnerships and own staff, and the company has also been training its founders and employees, guaranteeing greater technical and institutional support in the services it offers: import and export consultancy; fiscal disarray for philanthropic entities; customs clearance; normative compliance together with the Regulatory Agencies in Brazil and abroad; Commissioner of Dispatch, port logistics and storage services.

All with the ideology of fomenting the domestic economy through the external market through the highest quality and technical qualification in the service rendering, as well as the smallest in the transaction using the knowledge and experiences of its founders.


Offer the best service advice on international transactions (exports and imports) to micro and small businesses (who do not have the structure of foreign trade and wish to enter their products in international market). Work to reduce operating costs and the elimination of risks, seeking tax and fiscal marketing solutions for our customers.


Being a reference company in the provision of export and import of products, supporting in international business transactions..


Transparency, ethics and quality, always seeking the best performance and result in the provision of import and export.