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    :. Contratação de fretes aéreos e marítimos.

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Pimentel ensures supply of raw materials for Chinese growth

Beijing (July 12)-Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade,FernandoPimentel, said onWednesday(11/7) to theDeputy PrimeMinister of China, WangQishan, who supplypermanent and sustainablefoodand mineraldevelopmentin the Asian countryand investmentin technology,knowledge transferto Brazilare the two mainpillars oflong-termstrategic partnershipbetween the two countries.

Pimentelpointed out thatChina and Brazilcan benefit fromworking togethergloballyin areasthathaveeithertechnological excellence. The ministercited the exampleof the associationbetween the two countriesin aviation-Embraerhitin June,the creation ofajointventure withHarbinAvicto producejetsin the Asian country- andalsosaid he seesgood prospectsin the areas ofcomputerand telephoneand theautomobile industry.

The minister saidChina andBrazilshould ensurethe conditions formanufacturingcompanies in Brazilandin China andemployingcompaniesof this countryto manufacture andemployin Brazil. "We are interestedin bringingChinese companiesto Braziland learn from them. However, China alsowant toget theBrazilian companies thathaveexcellent technology andmay contribute tothe growth ofits economy, "said theChinese counterpart.

Pimentelheardthevice-premier WangQishanthat thebilateral relationshipis built ona broad base- nearly $80 billion intradein 2011- andthat there is greatcomplementarityand good prospectsfor both economies. "We consider Brazilprovider oflong-term andlong-termbuyerswill bethe countryin the areas ofiron oreand agriculture," he said Qishan, emphasizing that the global partnershipbetween the two countriesis visiblein all areas.

Like theBrazilian minister,Qishannoted thatthe two countries havecomparative advantagesin relationto others andcited thestrategic partnershipin the field ofaviation asanexample ofinvestment in innovation. "China isincreasingly linkedto Brazil. We have maintainedfrequenthigh-level contacts, which allows us to exploremorebusiness. This relationshipalso extendsto multilateral organizations, "he said, while praising the actions of thetwocountriesin the BRIC countriesand theG-20.

Source: Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior - MDIC