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Published decree that authorizes the import tax increase of up to one hundred products

Brasilia (May 28) - was published today in the Official Gazette (DOU) Decree No. 7734, the Presidency, that the Brazilian legal system incorporates Decision CMC 39/11 of Mercosur. The decision allows the temporary elevation of the Common External Tariff (TEC) to the consolidated level in the World Trade Organization (usually 35% for industrial products and 55% for agricultural products).

The standard provides a limit of one hundred items that may have its rate high, for reasons of trade imbalances caused by the international economic situation, for a period of twelve months, renewable for an equal period, and the deadline of validity of the list is December 31, 2014.

The decision, signed by Mercosur countries in December 2011 should be incorporated into domestic legislation. Brazil and Argentina have already completed this step. But you must wait for the other EU countries. After that, the Brazilian government will still have to wait another thirty days to send the list to the other Mercosur partners. Each country then must forward to the other one specific form of the tariff increase and they will have fifteen working days for possible negative accompanied by objective reasons. If there is opposition, the country will be allowed to adopt the measure.


The process of internal review of applications began in January this year, with the creation of the Technical Group on Climate Change Temporary Common External Tariff (GTAT / TEC), chaired by the Executive Secretary of the Board of Foreign Trade and comprising representatives of the ministries that make up Camex (Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, who presides; Casa Civil, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, and Ministry of Agrarian Development) .

In March, the group began to receive requests from the private sector and representative bodies through a public consultation that ended in early April. To submit the application, it was necessary to provide information such as product characteristics, desired change, supply and demand, and additional data

The final decision on the composition of the list will be the Council of Ministers of Camex. The executive secretary of the Foreign Trade Chamber, Emilio Garofalo Son, recalls that the criteria being used from the beginning of the examination of applications are compatible with the Plan Biggest Brazil. Among the parameters observed are the promotion of productive investment and technological innovation efforts of national companies. I'll also take into account the impacts on prices. Moreover, the technical group will monitor the effects of the changes adopted.